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Your coach helps you explore new perspectives and grow your impact.

Coaching helps you create the life you want to design.

I offer coaching in English, French and German.

Anne-Laure Sorin

Anne-Laure Sorin

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

My passion for coaching allows me to help people grow and learn more about themselves and the world around them. I am a certified coach and my commitment to top quality professional coaching brings you all you need for the transformation to take place. You are at the centre of every coaching session. Being your coach, I accompany you until you take action and implement your change.

Why coaching?

To allow you to:

✓ Navigate a crisis
✓ Reach your full potential
✓ Transform your life
✓ Adapt to change
✓ Feel confident about your decisions
✓ Have a job that is meaningful to you
✓ Reduce stress
✓ Dare to be yourself
✓ Be happy!

People come to coaching because they want change.

Coaching allows you to reach your objective or go through your transition. Whether you are in a professional transition (reaching your full potential, finding the perfect job, looking for motivation, changes in your organization, company transformation, new objectives at work) or in a personal transition (new life plan, going back to work, moving country, adapting to a new life situation), we will work together to allow you to find your own resources and make the change you want to happen.

Coaching enables the necessary transformations for you to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. With a new awareness about what gives you energy and what matters to you, you will know when you are aligned with your values and be empowered to make the right decisions for yourself.

Be the Leader of your life

Working with me as your coach: I am your partner and totally committed to you and your success. I help you get a fresh perspective on how you perceive the world and your life. The coaching will enrich your change process tremendously.

You can rely on me, on my warm presence, on my authenticity, on my coaching skills. I help people understand that the most important thing is not what we DO, but who we ARE.

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    Yulia Vasileva

    Anne-Laure is a professional and great human being. She is a co-active coach and an amazing woman, who helps other women and men in difficult life situations and/or during transition periods. She is very open, her energy is strong and healing, she coaches with tremendous respect and trust.

    Clara Min

    Holding overall surrounding, ability to listen in depth, great empathy; I can describe about Anne-Laure. I had a very comfortable and heart-warming experience with her.

    Lauren Seufert

    Anne-Laure is a warm and heartfelt coach that easily connects to her clients to help them realize and achieve their best potential. Her dedication and courage in supporting people on their journey is what makes her a tremendous asset to anyone looking for life changing transformation.

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    (315) 5512-2579
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