Anne-Laure Sorin International Coaching Munich

Coaching for Individuals

I coach people in an international environment. My professional coaching helps you create the life you want to design.

I ask the powerful questions that will allow you to find your own resources, I hold you accountable for the actions you commit to, I challenge you because I know how much more you can do!

Because of the connection we create in the coaching relationship, coaching has a profound impact on your life.

We explore and leverage your Values, we design your Life Purpose, you learn what deeply matters for you.

Open your wings!
Make your colours shine!
Dare to be yourself!
Be the Leader of your life!

Personal Coaching.

Coaching impacts you towards the transformation you want.

✓ Be the Leader of your life
✓ Find balance in your life
✓ Make the right decisions
✓ Adapt to changes
✓ Have a healthy lifestyle
✓ Grow your self-confidence
✓ Breathe the moment in and enjoy the instant
✓ Change job or career
✓ Get rid of stress
✓ Make your transition smoother
✓ Find your marks in your new country/city/life
✓ Be aligned with your Values

457 BigBlue Street, NY 10013
(315) 5512-2579
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