I had the opportunity to experience Anne-Laure’s powerful coaching in the last few years. She’s a professional and experienced coach, fully committed to the agenda of her clients and supporting them with what they need in the moment. Her trustworthiness and unique ability to connect based on empathy, understanding, and intuition make her an effective and trusted coach who can make a difference to people in any stage of life and around any focus topic. Anne-Laure is a versatile and courageous coach who embraces challenges and is dedicated to her continuous professional growth and development.

Irina Pashina, Marketing Director, SAP

Anne-Laure and I have worked together for over 8 months during the year 2020. Her warm smile and ability to connect with people convinced me to be accompanied and ask for help to go through a transition period in my professional life. That was a first victory, asking for external help, in my journey.

Quickly, you feel very confident in her hands to express yourself openly as Anne-Laure is a great human being and have this ability to listen, encourage, push you when needed and to ensure you are listening to your emotions, deep inside and not just looking at the rationale or the easy option.

The most impactful and useful techniques Anne-Laure used with me, were:
• seting up objectives to deliver in between sessions
• visualising actions, doing theatrical gestures to act the change
• always asking me to check how I feel when i say things, teaching me how to listen to myself, feeling my own emotions.

I am very grateful for the support and guidance she provided me through 15 sessions.
I can only highly recommend Anne-Laure for those who want to drive a change in their professional life and need a companion/booster to make it.

Olivier Gros, Entrepreneur

I have worked with Anne-Laure Sorin during 10 months. She has coached me through the most difficult times of my life, and I can’t express enough gratitude to her for this enormous support and guidance that I received during our sessions. She made my brain to take directions that it would never take before. She taught me to take care of myself, to look beyond the borders, or not to set up these inner borders at all. She taught me to believe in myself again. Anne-Laure is a professional and great human being. She is a co-active life coach and an amazing woman, who helps other women and men in difficult life situations and/or during transition periods. She is very open, her energy is strong and healing, she coaches with tremendous respect and trust. She never told me what to do, or which direction to take, but she surely has helped me to identify my objective, and, what is mostly important – to find ways to reach this objective and to start finally living a meaningful life. She is your perfect guide to yourself in case you got lost and don’t know what to do next. I can only highly recommend Anne-Laure to those who want to change their lives, but do not know how.

Yulia Vasileva, Head of Human Resources

Anne-Laure is a radiant and courageous colleague and life coach. She guides you to powerful perspectives and helps you boldly to get unstuck. I am truly grateful to know her and work with her.

Monika Wegat, Professional Certified Coach

Holding overall surrounding, ability to listen in depth, great empathy; I can describe about Anne-Laure. I had a very comfortable and heart-warming experience with her.

Clara Min, Global Head of Franchise Sales, adidas

Anne-Laure is a warm and heartfelt coach that easily connects to her clients to help them realize and achieve their best potential. Her dedication and courage in supporting people on their journey is what makes her a tremendous asset to anyone looking for life changing transformation.

Lauren Seufert, Director Global Strategy, BASF

457 BigBlue Street, NY 10013
(315) 5512-2579
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